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This is House Station Live version 7. The amount of amazing new technologies we’ve got from this update is absolutely crazy.

While House Station Live v6 was released less than 3 months ago, we avorted this technology because of costs and limitations to look after a better solution. We gived a try to ghost: no submenu, no archives or calendar, only a tag clouds that looks like monstruously messy, and that costed me some angry messages to the support team.

Indeed, in addition to a €50 monthly charge for this limited technology, you can have a secondary tool to orrganize article… for €200 monthly plan. When I know that I struggle to pay bills more expensive than €30, that’s unacceptable for a simple blogging system. Their marketing is all about “being a alternative to wordpress” and “being cheap” with non-sense statistics, making them looks-like to be able to provide 200€ stuff for €25, while it’s in reality the opposite. The lack of template made me choosse one already used by 808 people around the word.

Plus, we are a media and Daily News logo was looking like C News, a major media from the same country, and I have friends who works at C News, so a very embarrassing situation. In only few weeks, I saw several YouTube thumbnails using exactly the same font and style. That’s probably one of the most generic ones on Internet libraries. being stuck to few generic tools like this was unacceptable and not professional. So in addition the the time spend to search and learn, we start over to found even better tools from 2023.

From the first time since our very beginnings, we managed to found a solution to upload our own fonts. This is absolutely incredible, cause we can finally looks unique online. We can also change all our scheme’s colors, in order to not make our website looking like “just another WordPress” with white background. So we returned to WordPress, but we left for the post edition being tedious, and came back with a “sub-engine” called “Elementor Pro”, and we were looking for specific templates made using that one engine only, cause post are much easier to edit rather than with the original WordPress method.

We tried to create our own theme from scratch, but Elementor Pro has limited possibilities, and we couldn’t create a better template than the one already existing on libraries. Quick tips, we looked for a theme was was updated within few months, using a homepage featuring a slideshow or several articles, the interface has to be clean and organized also, and the fonts used (even if we changed them) creative enough to not look too generik. We also looked after a documentation being available before purchasing, to see if it’s decently well documented, the number of available demos (which gives you a good clue about the care of details). we spent time looking the preview in every details to look for bugs. More importantly we’ve been looking the the care of design details, even if Elementor Pro don;t provide much possibility, few separators makes the global design more professional. of course the spirit was to be compatible with the project, and you always need to project your idea into the provided design. Most of solution was made as portfolio. Minimalist and gorgeous. Other was made for newspapers. But only the have chosen featured a Gaming Magazine template, which was the modern, creative and fun context we were looking after.

Here is how the template look-like on the online store “GamePlus” (link), from Jelly (link). It also features a 2 sections headers, which was important to separate our editorial section to our tools and services (store, schedules, charts, etc). before purchasing it, we made a new logo matching the theme style to make sure our brand also fits the design. And that’s it! Welcome to House Station Live… v7.1!! Will this one last longer than the previous? Seven could be our lucky number, as we were so regarding about all aspects. GoDaddy will provide secure hosting, and Elementor Pro the solution for both performances, organization and posts creation. Because all our tool were using external solution (store, booking, schedule, statistics, votes), we simply had to move theses service to our new location, keeping the same categories structures, with more tools to organize, a more unique and original theme, many customizations tools, regarding even fonts and colors, and the most important, €9 monthly instead of €50.

the ghost template library features the possibility to sort by authors. In this example, the demo has 12 authors. This could be a great way to list my TV shows by alphabetical order, in addition to tags, but to achieve what’s in this (and others) demo, you have to pay a €200 monthly licence.

First of all, their comparative table are saying that they provide membership at no fee, starting €9 monthly, while patreon takes you 5% of your earnings. This is so wrong. False communication all over the line to dupe naives. Memberships on are only available starting tiers 2, at €25 monthly. Plus, it’s limited to create 3 tiers, if you want more, it’s €50 monthly. Then, their price are based on the number of members, which means, the more you get members, the more your Ghost service will be expensive. This is EXACTLY how patreon work, the fees are just moved under the wood and increased A LOT. I mean. wordpress is free. patron is free. and theses monthly fees are absolutely astonomics.

On this second round, against WordPress, communication is calculating that their services costs €9 per month, while WordPress costs €106,75 per month. So, again, they compares features that requires more than €9 plan, and they take extreme examples, while cheaper and even free alternative exists on WordPress. Plus, they mixed monthly and yearly free to display bigger numbers on the other side of the table!! Again, the fake communication is about bullying the competition, lke lot of popular american brands does.I payed €35 the WordPress Theme with “lifetime” features (including Element Pro), €59 the membership “lifetime” plugin, and GoDaddy, which is the best WordPress hosting service out there, only charges me €9 / month.

I payed in total €94 lifetime licences + €9 per month, while I was paying €50 monthly for the same thing on After 3 months using this “Good Values” solution, I realized how much money  I was losing comparated to WordPress. it’s all about knowledge versus marketing. Being aware of the alternative. Knowing that €200 yearly fee memberpress is the same service that lifetime €60 for ARmember. Knowing that €60 yearly Elementor Pro brings the same benefits than €30 lifetime, included in a Theme Forest’s template. Knowing that GoDaddy provide €9 monthly WordPress hosting solutions as good as the €35 monthly ones. raised €300 000 on kickstarter in 2013, and since 10 years they barely developed a comment section and a sidebar that you have to edit in source code directly. They clame to be a non-profit fundation, but be aware that most of Kickstarter projects are about losing money with nothing in exchange. Their 2-year anniversary article struggle to explain how they used their funds in security and servers, rather than… on features. So, this is why we moved so quickly out of this service, after 3 months of attentive learning process, ton of mails to explain to support that €200 is unacceptable for my non-profit radio station, that lot of service give me discount they don’t provide, that website is my main revenue and don;t be fragilized by high maintenance costs. And more importantly, their €50 monthly subscription don’t provide any insurance for piracy. anyone can enjoy a €100 coupon code and create a second account to enjoy it a second time. You’r premium digital content has zero protection. When you subscribe to 1 plan, you cannot subscribe anymore to others, which means I had to create 10 plan to cover all possibilities 9 and move from 3 plans limitation €25 plan to €50 plan). The limited choice of theme, with poor support quality from theme developers, forces you to hire a freelance and create your own theme, which is about €1 000 to €2 000 budget. This is the cherish on a disgusting cake. Good bye Hello Elementor Pro.

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Michael Daddy

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