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myHSL : myHSL is the main product of our store, also featured on HSL Fanshop's frontpage. This is an alternative name to HSL Crowdfunding Campaign. Because our reward are premium and cared, it's also available as a subscription directly on our store. This is the only place to get the famous HSL Journal + HSL Comics, delivered to your door, through a weekly membership, starting as low as 0.50 $ /week. Please take a look in this section to get more infos on our super-cool rewards reserved to the myHSL members !

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Please note that HSL TV medias must be directly purchased from play.hsl.fm's online platform. each media can be purchased individually for few pennies out there, thanks to our innovative technology. You never pay for limited time access. When you pay for a video or a bundle, it comes everytime with a lifetime one !

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